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Store Inventory Checklist

This checklist was created for one of our visitors for business use, but it's actually very useful for both business and personal use. With it, you can keep track of item names by category, and list all sizes and prices that are associated with that particular item. Great personal use: know the prices in your local stores (grocery, department, pharmacy, etc.) so you can quickly comparison shop. Great business use: Fill out the information and and give a copy to each of your employees, so they can quickly glance and find the price of any item. There is room for 17 items on one sheet; print out more as needed. We hope this checklist helps you :).

*Before you Print* Be sure to set your printer to the following settings in order to print this checklist on one page:

  • This is a one-page 8½" x 11" checklist
  • This checklist was created in Word
  • Make sure your printer settings are set to Portrait
  • Choose print 1 page only
  • If the margins of any sections are outside the printable area of the page - click "OK."
  • Be patient while the checklist loads in Word

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