First Aid Kit Checklist for the Home
Recommended supplies to have on hand
Supplies for Home First Aid Kit Comments Stocked?
List of important names and phone numbers (doctors, hospitals, poison control)    
Babysitter Checklist - Click here    
Book on First Aid    
1 Box of Various sized Band-Aids or other adhesive bandages    
1 Box of sterile gauze pads    
At least 2 sizes of sterile gauze rolls    
1 package of assorted bandages (including fabric fingertip and knuckle sizes)    
At least 2 finger splints with applicators    
1 package of absorbent cotton, 1 package of cotton swabs    
At least 2 sizes of elastic bandages for sprains    
Sterilized eye pads    
1 tube of eye ointment, 1 tube of burn ointment    
Triangular bandage (at least one for sling - could use a clean folded handkerchief)    
1 package of safety pins    
At least 2 rolls of surgical tape (waterproof)    
1 pair of scissors    
1 pair of tweezers (flat edged), and 1 package of needles    
Matches (for sterilizing tweezers)    
Thermometer (either type: ear, oral, or fever strips)    
At least 2 bars of soap    
At least 10 antiseptic wipes    
1 tube of antiseptic cream or solution    
1 bottle/spray of insect repellent    
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide    
1 bottle of rubbing alcohol    
1 tube of anti-itch cream or 1 bottle of lotion (for sunburns and stings)    
1 bottle/tube of sunscreen    
1 bottle of acetominophen (ie: Tylenol)    
At least 2 pairs of disposable vinyl gloves    
1 cold pack (for headaches, wounds)    
1 blanket    
1 Face Shield for CPR use    
Feminine hygiene products    
Plastic bags (small and large)    
Ear drops    
Water purification tablets    

Personalized supplies for each person (prescription medications)
Supplies for Home First Aid Kit Comments Stocked?
Emergency medications (ie: Epi-pen for allergies, insulin for diabetics)    
Feminine hygiene products    

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