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In 1997 I uploaded my first checklist on the free webhosting company, My one site was called, "My ParenTime," and I offered parenting and child safety information, and a Babysitter's Checklist. It wasn't until I began receiving advertising requests, that I thought about moving my website to its own domain. In November, 1998, was born.

I started uploading many of my own personal checklists to a section on, and in November, 2000 when my available checklists had grown to a nice size, I decided to move them all to their own domain. That's when was born.

I never planned on charging anything for my checklists. I enjoy helping people and enjoy hearing about how much my checklists have helped others. In 12 years I have created many checklists at the request of my website visitors at no cost to them. Over the years I have also had to spend much time protecting my checklists from copyright infringers. Unfortunately, there are people who use my checklists without permission (uploading them to their own website, printing them in publications, etc.) and claim them as their own. I defend each and every infringement issue that I am alerted to, and in 2001 I began documenting many of these cases online.

After 12 years of offering only free checklists, I have made the decision to begin charging for certain checklists, and have created a separate section devoted to these "Premium Checklists." All of these checklists are set at just a nominal fee. The majority of these Premium Checklists are not just checklists with lines -- they are detailed and have taken time to create. The checklists have been designed to print in black ink, but there are a few that have been created with color. Many of the checklists currently in this section have previously been offered at no charge, but there are many new pages added to old checklists. I will continue to add my checklists to this new section (& the free section), and will be offering other checklist-related items here as well.

It is my hope that our faithful visitors will continue to visit based on its helpful history, and download checklists in both the free and Premium section. As always, I will continue to review checklist requests and add them to my creation list. If your idea is chosen for inclusion in's Premium Checklist Section, you'll receive a free copy of the checklist I have created. Click here to read testimonials from some of our visitors over the years. Click here for our Press page.

Thank you for the many kind compliments I have received over the years...I treasure them all.


*Terms: Visitors may print out our checklists for personal use only. Any type
of reproduction, including digital, electronic, website, print, etc. are strictly not permitted. As with all of our checklists, our premium checklists are copyrighted
©, My ParenTime's Family Community. Our checklists are not to be resold, nor are they to be included in any items that are for sale. By purchasing a premium checklist, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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