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Welcome to our Premium Children & Education Checklist Download area. We created these checklists to help you and your children with everyday life and learning. Each checklist and checklist package is available at a nominal fee and consists of one page unless specified. Downloads are available for up to two hours. We will be listing more checklists and checklist packages on this page, so stay tuned.

Before you purchase" We suggest you visit our main Premium Checklist page to read about payment and terms. You only need to purchase 1 of each checklist.

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Back to School Checklist: Use this checklist to organize what you have and what you still need for your child's school year...$1.75

Child ID System: Fill in information about your child, include a photo, and carry it in your wallet. Prints black and red....$3.15

Children's Bathroom Hygiene Checklist: Hang this colorful chart up to help your little one remember how to keep clean...$3.15

Chores Checklist & Allowance Contract: This checklist and contract allows your children to feel responsible and grown up! They'll learn the connection between doing chores and receiving an earned allowance. This checklist will work for youngsters as well as teenagers. This checklist does not list chore suggestions (you fill in your own). If you are looking for chore suggestions, see our "Chores for Children Checklists" below...$3.15

Chores for Children Checklists: A series of 6 age-appropriate chore checklists for your children, from age 2-10+. Includes blank checklist to customize...$3.15

Class Schedule Checklist: Now you and your children can keep track of their many weekly classes. Five days; 8 periods...$3.15

College-Bound Packing Checklist: We filled out half of this first checklist to give you some ideas of what your college child may need, and left the second half blank so you could list additional items. Includes a full blank checklist for you to customize...$1.15

Daily Chores & Rewards Checklist: Keep track of 5 chores for one month, and list rewards for each...$3.15

Fire Safety Rules: This colorful chart is helpful for teaching young children about fire safety...$3.15

Homework Checklist: Your child can keep track of up to seven assignments with this checklist. We listed 5 common subjects on the first, and included a full blank checklist for you to customize...$1.15

'I Stayed Dry Last Night' Checklist: This colorful checklist will help your little ones see for themselves how well they're doing with nighttime potty training. Includes colorful, positive images, and tracks five weeks...$3.15

Money Identifier Checklists for Children: 10 checklists that can be used to teach bill and coin denominations...$4.15

My Child's School Schedule & Contact Checklist: Keep track of all of your child's information, includes many details such as teacher's name, phone, email, afterschool activity information, bus schedule, and more...$2.15

My Potty Checklist: Your little one will enjoy potty-training with this colorful calendar. Tracks six weeks...$4.15

My Reading List: Children can keep track of all the books they've read with this list...$1.15

Pocket Child ID: Now your children can carry their own ID card. Includes a set of 8 colorful cards to print, fill in, laminate, and carry...$3.15

Positive Behavior Checklist for Children: Let your children see the many times they've been good...$2.15

School Absent Note Checklists: Need a quick absent note to send to school with your child? Keep this sheet of three handy -- cut one out, fill it in, and send it to school with your child...$2.15

School Yearly Grade Tracker Checklist: Keep track of your child's yearly grades with this checklist; Eleven years worth on one sheet...$2.15

School Reading Log & Parent Signature Checklist: List detailed information for book reading each night. Log includes space for one week's worth of summaries...$1.75

Young Children's Picture Checklist: Give your children a chore checklist all their own. Colorful images are easy for your children to recognize. Tracks one week...$3.15

Young Children's Small Pet Checklist: Your young child will enjoy this colorful checklist -- they'll easily be able to see what needs to be done and feel more responsible for their pet. Tracks five weeks...$3.15

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©, My ParenTime's Family Community. Our checklists are not to be resold, nor are they to be included in any items that are for sale. By purchasing
a premium checklist, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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