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PrintableChecklists.com Testimonials

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Comments from Our Visitors:

7/13/10: We came across the following comment in our old Lycos Gear Guestbook, and wanted to share it here. Thank you, Joel! I first 'came across' your website while searching for free templates in "Google Search". I have always loved making lists, creative writings, and organizing and sorting things... Finally, I found a nice, safe, trusting website in which I can use creative and amazing printables for a variety of different needs! My ParenTime - Printable Checklists is a great site for anybody who loves to keep track of things, such as 'to-do's', current events, movies collection, and pretty much anything else under the sun... I enjoyed the fanciness and pleasant layout of your site, not to mention the user-friendly text that guides each visitor very well to what they are looking for and need... There must have been a lot of hard work involved in creating, describing, listing, categorizing, and formating these checklists, so for that I thank all who made it possible to do so! Your work is greatly appreciated! I hope that all your future goals are met, and any progress that you have planned out, for your unique websites, is appreciated by all who make their use of it/them. Thanks! P.S.- Below is a list of all the checklists that I saved as a file on my PC, and the date that I saved them as well, just for kicks! (There are a total of eight...) 1.) 4-18-09: Current Events Checklist (#118), 2.) 4-18-09: My Collectibles Checklist (#198), 3.) 4-26-09: Family Night Games Score Sheet Checklist (#217), 4.) 4-26-09: Quick Reference Percent Checklist (#135), 5.) 4-26-09: Homework Checklist (#19), 6.) 4-27-09: My Music Lesson Checklist (#250), 7.) 6-01-09: "Items I've Donated" Checklist (#215), 8.) 6-01-09: Internet Tracker Checklist (#12). P.P.S.- *** All of your checklists are superb! I am very impressed, and thankful... *** ~Joel, Indiana

Thanks for the fantastic checklists!!! ~Betty

I have received download files, they worked perfectly. These are excellent! Thanks for the quick and personal help with this. ~Marcia

Thank you for your prompt response Ė this is exactly what I was looking for! (Chores for Children Checklists) Thank you and I will be back to your site for many of your checklists. ~Marina

Thank you so much for such a quick reply! I went to my client meeting without the SECOND checklist (monthly expenses). They really liked the Budget one I showed them, and I continue to recommend your website often. ~Suzy Warmack, phoneaclone.com

My name is Celese and I just bought several of your checklists which I think are wonderful by the way. I would love to be able to edit your lists so i can add some of my own personal items. Do you offer a password to unlock the pdf to make changes? ~Celese [PC Reply: We do not allow changes to be made to our checklists, so we offer blanks for many of them. If you have purchased a checklist that does not include a blank to customize, please do email us and let us know...we would be glad to create one for you at no cost.]

I found your website about a month ago and absolutely love it! I'm definitely a checklist kind of gal! Your lists are like none other I've found as they have so much detail and allow you to write in more detail. I printed your change of address checklists as I am moving in 3 weeks. I wanted to print them again because I need to add more contacts, but was unable to get to them on the website. Are you updating those 3 forms or have you moved it to another section? Is it possible to get a copy of the old ones? [PC Reply: File sent] Thanks so much for the files and for responding so quickly! It's so nice to deal with professional and pleasant people like you. Thanks again, Clara.

Thank You so so so much! I will tell everyone at Davita Dialysis. Thxs again. [PC Reply: Checklist created]

THANK YOU! I have noticed that there are a lot of checklists that can be quite useful! This is a wonderful site and I have provided it to my friends! ~Beyonka

That looks great actually. Thanks! I didnít realize it would be so asked for. Good to know Iím not alone! ~Jackie

That looks great. I think that will work for what I need. ~Christina

WOW THANKS A BUNCH! Thanks again for your help!! ~Nanette

I am a fulltime mom of two and the CEO of a two parent household. I have NOOOO time to search the net for various charts, schedules, etc. I AM THRILLED THAT YOU CREATED A SITE THAT IS SO PERFECT! It's efficient, and the printables have allowed me to organize our lives so well. Thank you.FINALLY a website has given me the tools to keep my home running smoothly and in a positive manner. ~Michelle

Thanks so much for pointing out the page to me -- It will do very well for me. And, again, thanks for being such a good, hard, creative web person. Sites like this one are so great for so many people everywhere. [PC Reply: Checklist created] I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the checklist. You are incredible. ~Pam

I am so TRHILLED that I found your site! Thanks a million! ~Leah

Thank you so much. The checklist looks great!

Just wanted to let you know you did an awesome job on this checklist. Your checklist and site are wonderful. Keep up the excellent work it is well appreciated!!! Thanks again. ~Diane

Thanks so much for your website. I've searched all over for checklists and have found many, However, yours is the easiest, the best and has a large variety to choose from. the other sites only have checklists for children and school. hardly any for the home, parents, etc. Keep up the good work.. and please add me to your mailing list....(After her requested checklist was completed...) That was fast!!!!.. You are wonderful, the checklist is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you oh so much... I love your web site. I think I need a sticker that says "I love checklists"... LoL ~Tammy

Wow! thanks so much [for creating the checklists]. That is exactly what I wanted, I printed out the short version and am using it :) TY once again , Great job. ~Sai

I love your different checklists and have always used them to stay organized (I am a list freak what can I say ). ~Sai

I've just found your printablechecklists.com website and it is what I have been looking for. ~Diane N.

I really enjoy your website. I would love to have a checklist to record the passwords and account numbers I use at different websites. I would be able to keep it near my computer desk for easy access when I can't seem to remember my password. Thank You, HOLLY. [PC Reply: We already have one -- click here :)]

Thanks for this time-saving website. I love it!

I want to compliment you on a very great site. Thank you, Caroline H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For this website! Since the birth of my now 3 year old I have been unable to get back my usual organised schedule. I have begun the long road back and now with your fantastic website I will be able to make it easier. Thanks again, Lisa.

The checklist site was great! Thank you, Donna W.

First of all, I am thrilled to find this site as I am always in search of or trying to create my own list. I'M sure this site was started due to that being an issue for a lot of people, so Thank You! I have several lists that I enjoy already but your site help fill in some gaps. Thanks again, KaSondra M., Texas

Thank you again for replying so quickly...that means a lot to me. Your site is just wonderful. I have gone to others and yours is by far the easiest to navigate and has the most printables. I LOVE IT!! Sometimes I print things just cause they look so cute...don't even use them -- just like to look at them...LOL ~Cathy

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your site. It is such a great resource for charts and I appreciate all the time and effort you put forward to keep such a wonderful site for free. Many people do not have the skills to put together a chart and this is so helpful. I have the ability but your site it is a great time saver and your ideas are clever. ~Michelle C.

I really enjoy your website. ~Holly

I just wanted to say thak you for your timeliness! You are awesome and you created a great new checklist for us 'room moms.' I just wanted you to know. Sincerely, Julie B.

My personal rating of your website is a 10+. I have never seen a more resourceful website for experienced & unexperienced parents!! Thank You! Dana.

You are BRILLIANT! I have wanted to put this kind of list together forever, and just couldn't seem to find a format or anything. I had the LIST, but couldn't put it together for some reason. (Maybe it's because I have 4 kids that are 10, 8, 5 and 4!! :) Again, thanks. You deserve whatever you can get. I know this isn't much, but it's something. ~Jeannie

I have been blessed by your checklists and am using them to help my patients learn to control as much of their own lives as possible. Thank you, LaDene

I have been playing with your printables and looking around your site. I have two teens, an overworked husband, and am the most unorganized person in the world. Your site is perfect for me. Thanks for your wonderful ideas. Sincerely, Pam

Just discovered your site through an MSN group and have to say I love the checklists. I printed out the lists yesterday. I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't seem to get anything done yesterday until I started ticking off the chores that had been done. The list gives me a feeling of achievement, thanks.

Your web-site is awesome! thanks for all the really useful checklists! Sincerely, Paula

I was so pleased to see that you had a checklist for "Good Behavior" for children. As a parent is much too easy to get caught up and only notice misbehavior. I find myself saying "No" or "Stop that" so many times that I get tired of hearing myself speak. I can certainly understand why he would get tired of hearing that too. When I saw the checklist I thought of how I missed the opportunity to tell my son that I was very happy about the way he got himself ready for school without the usual dallying and complaining. I hope this checklist will let us get out of our negative rut. My son will get to hear just how proud of him I am.

My husband and I are moving to our first house and it's the biggest move we've had. I am a checklist junky! Your site will REALLY help us get organized for our move to make it so much easier! Thanks, Robin H.

These are sooooooo great thank you. I printed them out. My kids love them. They are "not an other rule mom." Evelyn @ Cieras Little Coquis FCC

Question: I am looking for a "chores" type of chart for the kids. I also would like them to return a "time card" listing the chores they did, any additional jobs they did for the week and then I can issue them "allowance" paycheck or something like that. Do you have anything that would help? Thanks, Lynne. PC Reply Thanx so much for this suggestion! It just so happens that I have just created an "Allowance for Chores Checklist" which you may be interested in. My 7 1/2 yr old has been bugging us for an actual allowance schedule, and we have had a checklist hanging up for her to follow daily. We will be using this new checklist in our home beginning next week -- maybe it will work for you! Visitor Reply Thanks so much. My kids are quite a bit older 9, 14 and 16, but chores have always been a battle here! I want them to have the total responsibility and report back to me to be paid. It would be great that they need to fill out and sign a time card, then I just have to approve it and make payment. PC Reply "...I've just finished the checklist "Chores Checklist & Allowance Contract..." I've attached it as a Word .doc so you can have a look. If you are still interested in the time-card idea, I'll see what I can do." Visitor Reply I think this is great! It has them accounting for their own work, which is like a time-card. Thanks, I'll put it to use right away. [PC Reply: View our Chores Checklist & Allowance Contract.]

Me and my husband both hate coming home to a dirty house, but both of us hate cleaning it. Your blank household cleaning checklist is great, cause we both will know each of us are doing our part. Thank you. Christine

I am so happy you've create these checklists. I am found similar list in the stores for $6.00 and up. They are a real motivation tool for my two and seven year old. Thanks! Sincerely, Katrina, Mother of three

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been wanting lists JUST LIKE THESE to help in day-to-day activities, chores, and the like, but have not had the time to create them myself!! You are truly a Godsend! My appreciation!

Your page is great.

What a great idea!

Thanks for creating the checklists. I use most of them all the time. From the reading lists to the rooms good way not to miss anything. you have it so much easier to keep track of almost everything.

Hi, I do want to thank you for the packing checklist I printed out two weeks or so ago. I recommended it to a friend. The only problem, I went back to print another and can't find it anymore. Did you discontinue it? I hope not, it was extremely helpful. [PC Reply: You can find our packing checklists in our Premium Checklist section, located here.]

Just to let you know how happy I am that I found your site! I love to be organized, and these checklists will really help me!!

Thank you sooo much for the vaccination checklist!! It's perfect!!! (I've got triplets and need to keep organized!!) Thanks again!

Next time my kid asks, "How long before we get there?", now I will be well armed with a ready answer. You bet I found this page helpful. It is now on my Favorite Places. Thanks.

I have 5 children, (ages 18,13,8,and 4 year old twin girls). I was very happy to have found your printable checklists. I needed these to help get organized, with minimal effort. I want to pass it on, that your site is valuable for busy mom's like myself. I have linked to your site.

I clicked on the link on your e-mail and it worked maybe it was my computer. I am so glad you e-mailed me back because I printed out several lists and recommended this site to my friends. This is Great and I added it to my favorites. If you haven't heard from no one else then don't worry about it. It was probably my computer. Thanks Again so much!

I really appreciate your taking the time to have this website. I have used so many of your checklists and it has really made a difference in my organizing for my family's life. I am a "To Do List" person and needed so many of these lists. Thank you so much!

I was directed to your site through a post on another website. I love all these checklists. Being able to pick and choose what suit my family is fabulous.

Your site is awesome!

Thanks so much for those checklists. The "My Child Said" List is a Great Idea! I just printed it and am trying to remember all the things I wish I had written down earlier.

Wow, what a website!

I'm a *psycho* list maker...that's an awesome site! I'm addicted!

I love your site. Lots of really neat things to help busy parents!

Your site is a wonderful site! I just checked it out myself and will be printing some of those charts for my home. I have 3 special needs boys and life here can be pretty hectic, we live for charts. lol You keep up the good work over at My Parentime, you are doing a fine job there!

Yes, thank you for providing those checklists...I have come across many but the Potty one got us. It's very cute, we love it! The child ID ones also got our attention big time. We have already laminated ours. Thank you again!

Your website for chore checklists is awesome! I just got through browsing several dozen sites and not one with the kind of chart I wanted. Then, I found yours. I've been a printing fool for the last 20 minutes. These are exactly what I was looking for! After reading your comment page, I will be checking out more of your links. THNX!!

I happened upon this site and found it to be very helpful. I will tell all of my friends about it. Thanks to you, I will be a little more organized. What a great idea.

I love your checklists site. I use several checklists with my kids.

LOVE this site. Thanks for your hard work!

I love your checklist site. I use several checklists with my kids.

I love your website -- just the thing for wanna-be Type A's.

You have really helped me get started with my new year's resolution. I want to get organized this year and these checklists will help me tremendously!!! Thanks a million!

Thank you so much for the helpful forms. Many are exactly what I needed.

I thank God for the staff at MyParenTime.com. Your checklists for housecleaning and chores for children were exactly what I was looking for! Now I have in my hands the information I need to be sure I'm training my 3-year-old daughter, in a fun and consistent way, to handle household responsibilities as she grows up.

Thank you so much for your checklists. Your travel one was especially helpful to us. We are planning our first trip with our 6 month old and it was great.

Thank you! I am a home schooling mom and love this site!

Vacation Checklist: I just discovered your vacation checklist and found it very helpful.

Hi, I just found your site. Thank you for all of your work; it is great!

Thank you for helping me find a checklist for children's chores. I found lots of other checklist I have never thought I could use. Thank you. I plan to visit this site again. ~Jimmy

I love all of your checklists. I am a person that makes a list for everthing and I just about fell over when I found your website...I also wanted to thank you for all the checklists that you have - they make life so much easier for me and for my children. Keep up the great work...I think you are one of the best websites on the net.

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